Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm HOT!

"Onnnnne hot mamaaaa"

Please, Dear Lord, get this song out of my head!

Hot is clearly the theme of the day.

This morning I burned my poor little fingers trying to gently extract my crumbling English muffin from the toaster oven, while balancing a hungry baby (who was intent on giving me a hickey on my shoulder). Rather than drop the baby, I dropped the muffin. It's still sitting at the bottom of the oven, as though 14 hours hasn't been long enough to cool down for me to get it out.

Around noon we headed out to the Nissan dealership to get the AC looked at in my car. According to them, I'm an idiot and just don't know how to use it. Seriously. The guy was actually explaining to me how to use the air conditioning in my car, as though I was 16 and daddy just bought me my first one. Morons. I know that I am not imagining things - there is no good explanation as to why I would have icicles hanging off my nose with it blowing on low last summer (in Georgia, land of Hotter than Hell, didn't see a day below 90 for a freaking month!) and then this summer I find myself sitting there sweating with it blowing on high. HIGH, and I'm still hot after driving for a half hour (in Ohio, where it's a measly low 80s consistently). *Sigh* Maybe I'll just take my Daddy in with me next time :-P

Later in the afternoon, as the apartment reached it's daily oven-like temperatures (I seem to have AC issues a lot), we went down for a swim. Possibly the last one of the year. That makes me sad. I'm not looking forward to possibly having to resort to using the base pool next year. I'm going to miss this one. It was actually clean. All the time. Imagine that!

And now, it's still hot in the apartment. The AC will kick on and I'll be left shivering, but once it thinks that it has cooled the place down sufficiently, it turns off, and I'm left with that wave of heat as soon as the air stops blowing. It doesn't even matter how cold I set it.

I'll look back at this post mid-December and wish to have being hot as my problem again :-)

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