Thursday, August 30, 2007

Half way

The whole theory behind the title to this blog was how this year of "husband on another continent" would seem to take so long, that it would seem like more than just a year. Well, 7 1/2 months into this adventure, and here we celebrate the halfway point. That's right. Do the math. 7 1/2 plus 7 1/2 equals 15. Clearly, this will be the longest year.

I frequent a message board for military wives. It's a wonderful place. There's even a special section just for deployment talk. Which was normally a blessing. Until I hit this point in the time line and one by one, women start posting about getting their loved ones back in the next few days or weeks. A normally joyous occasion, where I should be happy for them. But, I'm not. I'm self centered. I sit here and read their posts and remember when they were just beginning the journey. A month after I did. That's disheartening. One of ours equals two of theirs. And the Army is claiming the rising suicide rates have nothing to do with the deployments. (Google it. I dare you).

I got a bottle of wine, and planned to make a real meal for myself. A halfway hurrah, of sorts. Instead I watched My Girl, drank a glass too many of wine (only two, but we'll touch the lack of tolerance in some future post) and ate half of the dessert. Fitting, I think.


Mary Alice said...

I just found your blog. My husband has been deployed before, but never for that long. My neighbors husband comes home next month after 18 months. I admire your strength through all that our country has asked of you.

geenalyn said...

I'm a Navy brat, and i remember growing up with my dad being deployed for long periods of time. We grew up with a map of the world in our hallway and whenever we would get a letter from him we'd put a thumbtack up for his location.

i hope the rest of your husbands deployment goes by quickly...

Heather said...

I found your blog this evening through the BloggerChicks blog roll. Wow. I can't imagine not having my DH overseas, deployed, for over a year. You and your husband are incredibly strong people. I don't have the words of comfort but I can tell you that I think about our troops every day. I will visit your blog, keep all three of you in my thoughts, and hope time passes quickly for the next 7 1/2 months!