Sunday, July 22, 2007

White Trash and the Door That Ate My Foot

I'm still up. I meant to go to sleep an hour ago, but the diaper hunt was calling my name :-)

I just went down to the car to get some stuff out (gotta love hauling those giant buckets of kitty litter up the stairs). On my way out, I stopped to admire the newest inhabitants of my building. Right next to the main door lives some folks who seem to think they're still out in some other land. Hanging from the roof over the patio, you can find two hanging, wooden swing people (you know - the silhouette of the boy and the girl hanging onto the ropes), some dying baskets of plants, a faded teddy bear flag, and three candle lanterns (all rusted). On the patio is an assortment of worn out folding chairs and more dying plants. On the lawn and in the complex-provided landscaping you can find not one, but two wooden figures. One is the ever classy lady-bending-over-with-her-bloomers-showing and the other, well I'm not even sure what it is, but it's pink and purple. There is also a statue of a dog holding a newspaper in it's mouth and a Welcome Home iron sign and a tattered little American flag. I'm at a loss as to what whitty name to dub this menagerie with. It is amusing though; makes my jungle look much less out of place.

As I was coming back in the building, arms full, I set down the giant kitty litter tub to swing open the first door. I picked the tub back up and headed through the door. Apparently, I'm not quite quick enough though, because the door slammed into my foot, skimming over about half of it and then jamming deep into it. My foot was literally stuck under the edge of the door. That's a fabulous feeling, let me tell you. I unwedged my foot and proceeded to limp upstairs. It's currently a painful, black and blue bump with an inch long gash that doesn't seem to want to stop bleeding. And, to top it off, I feel as though I might just puke when I put any weight onto it.

Lovely evening. Or early morning. Whatever it may be.

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