Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shleepy. shleepy

I am soooo tired. I'm not really sure why though. E slept in till 9 this morning, we took a mid-morning nap, and all I did today was some visiting. But it's only 10 and I am ready to pass out.

My first visit of the day was to one set of my grandparents. E was fascinated with my grandma, she was happy and smiling (but never took her eyes off me while she was holding her). It's kinda sad, my grandma had a stroke a while back and she seems to be having a progressively harder time with her words. But, at the same time she seems to be recovering nicely from her recent surgery.

Next, we headed out to my mom's. I fed the baby and then we all loaded up in the truck and went out to my other grandma's. Her whole day seems to brighten up when I bring the baby over. She may repeat the same three sentences five times, but she's happy.

Then we went down the hill to the degenerate cousin's house. His step-son was having a graduation party and we meant to just drop off a card from my grandma. But, there we a bunch of relatives there that wanted to see the baby, so we stayed a bit. I got to see my cousin and his wife who is about to have twins (scheduled for Tuesday). The poor girl looked so uncomfortable. I don't think she has any idea what she is in for. My uncle's girlfriend was holding E next to her when she (E) puked up everything she had eaten. My cousin's wife was beyond disgusted. The girlfriend wasn't even fazed, she just laughed and wiped up with a napkin. As we were leaving, the degenerate cousin was saying goodbye and grabbed E's hand and then her foot. As he was moving from hand to foot, he oh so subtly brushed across my stomach. Ugh ugh ack ick! He truly is the scum of the earth. My family is so messed up. Hopefully I will never have to see him again. I don't forsee any family events in the future.

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