Sunday, July 8, 2007

Swim, swim, swim

Today my mom came down and we went for a glorious swim. It was HOT. I've had the air-conditioning cranked all yesterday and today, and probably will tomorrow too. The pool here is so nice. Today I even went in the deep end - all five feet of it :-) Apparently, playing with Elise makes me not think about my fears of that scary water.

My mom has this crazy idea that we should start giving E swimming lessons, and she heard somewhere that it's fine to teach them to go under water and that they will learn to hold their breath on their own. I, however, think she's crazy and I'm not sticking the poor baby under water. Crazy grandma. She also tested out E's floaty toy today. It will hold a grown woman, but I kiboshed that fun right quick. E likes it, so busting it when we still have 2 months of pool time left would not be good.

She's so comfy, she's falling asleep in the turtle :-)

She loves to try and stand on me - the whole weightlessness thing must be fun.

She's a happy, happy baby!

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