Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm a loser, baby . . .

. . . so why don't ya kill me.

I cannot get that song out of my head. It's fitting though. The loser part, that is. Don't anyone get any ideas ;-)

4th of July came and went. Normally that is one of my favorite holidays, but it's just not the same. It's no fun 'oohing' and 'ahhing' all by yourself. E was cranky from her shots, so I decided to wing it. We went to my dad's and had dinner. I dressed her up in the outfit they got for her, even though for some reason the 'All American Girl' it says on it really irks me for some reason. I'm stumped as to why I have this aversion to that phrase. Anyways, she looked cute as could be, and tolerated grandpa holding her for a little bit before deciding she wanted nothing but Mommy.

Alright. Blogger here is not letting me put anymore pictures on right now, but I have two more I wanted to add. So I suppose I will play with it later. Phooey.

Anyways. Back to the 4th. By the end of dinner, E had had it. She was tired and cranky and absolutely ready for bed. So, I reluctantly skipped out on the fireworks plans I had with my mom, and we went home, where she promptly passed out. I then spent the rest of the night cleaning the apartment and running out onto the balcony (seriously, running down the hallway and to the door - I'm a dork) to catch the fireworks someone was setting off behind the complex. Whoever it was must have spent a ton on them, because it was an impressive display and the spurts of explosions lasted almost an hour.

If she's up to it, I might take E and go watch the fireworks in somewhere on Saturday. We'll see.

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