Wednesday, July 4, 2007

E's Well Baby

Why, yes, she is a very well baby :-)

This morning I took E in for her two month checkup and vaccinations. She has grown so much. I was really surprised at how long she has gotten - 25 inches! I know she looks long, and is growing out of all her clothes, but seeing it on paper is kinda shocking. She weighs nearly 13 pounds, and is on the top end of the percentiles. My mom went with us and was being her strange self, raving about how "Mommy's Milk" is working so well. She gets a little over-excited at these things.

The pediatrician we saw was horrible. She dismissed most of my questions, wouldn't discuss developmental time lines, and basically told me I shouldn't be using cloth diapers and should get a membership to "one of those clubs" so I could afford disposables. Not cool. Thankfully, we won't have to see her again any time soon.

After stopping at JoAnn Fabrics (still working on my project - slowly) and the park, we came home and took a nice long nap. Then this evening, we walked (okay, so I walked, E was chauffeured around) up to the ice cream place, which just opened finally. I am now in love with their Pink Champagne Sherbet. It was awesome.

E was rockin' the pink camo bandaides all day from her shots :-)

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