Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The turtle

I have a blow-up turtle in my living room. He floats, and has a sun canopy and a little seat. And the baby loves him.

We went down to the pool early this afternoon, before the storm rolled through. I came to the realization of how my summers have changed. Now I look outside and think "Oh, it's cloudy - perfect time to go to the pool!" A far cry from my usual baking in the sun for hours.

Anyways, we went to the pool and E got to float around on the turtle. She had a ball. Legs kicking, babbling and squawking (yes, she squawks). The heater is fixed, and it was the perfect temperature. Wonderful experience today.

After we came back up, she was patient enough for me to get a picture of her in today's bathing suit.

Then she got cranky and started sucking her thumb.

So, I cheered her up with a bath :-)

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