Friday, May 25, 2007

Pain in the . . .

Went to the dentist this morning to get my wicked toothaches checked out. I expected to just pop in, get a few x-rays and schedule my next visit to do the dirty work. So, E went with me. Turned out, I needed two root canals, and the dentist just happened to be buddies with the oral surgeon next door. So, he makes a phone call and presto! I'm in the chair waiting for this guy who is not only going to fit me in and get it done today, but he's also doing it free of charge, following the generous precedent the dentist set (awesome, awesome people - they want to support the spouses of deployed military and are providing services for free). So, there I am, making frantic phone calls, trying to find someone who is at home. I finally got a hold of my dad and he was nice enough to leave work early to come watch E while I got worked on. Poor guy. I had no idea that a) E would cry the entire time (I walked out and held her for a minute during a break and she immediately stopped - someone loves their mommy!) and that b) I would be there for THREE HOURS. Apparently, Novicane (yes, I have no idea how to spell that) does not do a thing for me. It took two hours and four different anesthetics to get me numb. That was a blast. I owe my dad big time.

So, here I sit, with my stiff jaw and throbbing gums (five hundred needle pokes will do a number on ya).

My mom came down to hang out with me and help with the baby in case I was a little too out of it. At one point E was looking exceptionally adorable and she wanted to take a picture. She turned on my camera and a big old error message popped up. "Card is not initialized". Turns out this damn new computer decided to be a pain in my ass once again and screw up the card the last time I transfered pictures. Fabulous. Now I have to hope that someone can get the picture back off of it and that the whole card isn't ruined. That will not make me happy.

I keep saying it - I love the thought of this computer, but it is doing nothing but causing me headaches right now. I do not like things that try to think for me.

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