Thursday, May 24, 2007


After a nearly sleepless night due to a wicked toothache, I spent this morning in the most glorious way possible. Sound asleep, with my own little snuggle-bunny curled up on my chest. There is only one thing that could be more cozy that a happy and content baby lightly snoring in your ear - and that would be to have a bed-hogging husband snoring in the other.

I'll be the first to admit that I am going to be paying down the road, as I instill bad habit upon bad habit within our little girl. Sleeping on me, being rocked to sleep, only getting out half a cry before being scooped up and consoled. She has no idea, but I am already wrapped around her chubby little finger. Let's just hope those chubby little fingers stay far away from her mouth, then that will be at least one habit I don't have to break someday.

Today was a highly unproductive day. Still in pain, I have to wait til tomorrow to see a dentist, and even then I don't think anything will be done til next week. Not a happy camper am I. In fact, I'd almost go so far as to say this is the worst pain in my life so far. Seriously.

Back to our day though. Unproductive. Aside from time spent being fed and having diaper after diaper changed, the baby played on the playmat for a while . . .

And slept . . .

While I played around in my beautiful garden (I'm convinced my neighbors think I'm crazy - I'll have to take a picture from the outside).

And that was the day. Now, I'm fighting with the new computer, and am really annoyed that it doesn't want to let me sort my photos the way I want. I hate when computers think for you.

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