Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blossom Time

Due to a very cranky baby that was fighting sleeping with all her might, and the lingering after affects of the dental work on Friday, I got so little sleep last night that I'm only going to count the three hours I got this morning from 6 to 9. Some time in the middle of the night I turned off my alarm, reasoning that if I ever did manage to sleep, it was definitely going to take precedence over going to church. And, it did.

When I finally drug myself out of bed, along with the bright-eyed and chipper E, I stuck her in the bouncy seat and took my shower, hoping it would wake me up just a bit more. Then I came out and played with her on the floor. During the all important tummy time, she passed out. And I think I may have too :-) But, Lucy kept an eye on her for me.

After I woke up from that little nap, complete with carpet marks on my face, we headed up to my mom's. From there we went down to CF to watch the parade. E slept through half of it, even with the bagpipes, and my mom yelled at some kids that ran right into her (literally ran, not just bumped). We also spent a considerable amount of time commenting on how not one of the parents there was controlling their child, allowing them to stand in the middle of the street and almost get run over multiple times, despite tons of other people telling them to stand back. But, it was fun.

After a while of being awake, E decided she had had enough fun for the day and passed out again :-) So, mom and I headed off in search of Gyros. Which we found. And they were messy and delicious. I've had my fix to last me until fair.

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