Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Box Is Waiting

I was accused yesterday by the husband of being a pack rat. He elaborated to say that, no, I am just a pack rat for boxes. Which I fully admit, and have no shame. You know why?

Because my nearly new, absolutely perfect, dearly beloved iMac will be riding in style in it's original box. And I will be a hell of a lot calmer about sticking it underneath 5 tons of cat and kid stuff in the back of my car.

So, in the box it goes. Tomorrow.

I've got butterflies kick-boxing me in my stomach lately.

Tomorrow, E, the cats, and I will head off to my mom's for a few days. The trailer is getting loaded on Saturday, and the wagon train is kicking off on Wednesday.

Here come the Yankees!!

So, being that all my pictures are on this computer, and I'll be slumming it on my mother's HP after this . . . I give you E's Easter pictures. Or, at least, the four I felt like editing.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Adorable pics, hon! Good luck on the wagon train south!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, and? E-mail me before you leave on Wednesday. Let me know the route you're taking. On your way through the GA, if you're coming anywhere near us, you're welcome to stop for a home-cooked meal!!

Jenn said...

Oh the days of getting the kid to sit still for pictures...they're OVER for me!

She's adorable, and you're a superstar for moving with a toddler in tow! Happy Trails!! See you on the other side!

Kim said...

She is adorable. Good luck with the move. Safe travels and Happy Easter.

Jennifer said...

hey cute dress :) hehe My daughter wore the same one in her Easter/First birthday pics!