Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Apparently Driver's Ed is Not a Requirement

It's always the brilliant ideas that go down in flames the best.

Today was a soggy, dreary, crappy day. But, it was a warm kind of crappy. A virtual heat wave at 50 degrees. And by late afternoon, E and I were going a bit beyond stir crazy. So, I bundled her up, grabbed a couple of blankets, and pulled on my boots. I got her all settled and cozy in the stroller, with the blankets draped so she would stay dry everywhere. And off we went, up the road and to the store.

There is one intersection I have to cross, and it's the main road. There are four lanes, plus a turning lane. However, there is no cross walk there, or anywhere in this po-dunk village. The light switches just long enough for me to haul ass across, and hope some dimwit doesn't turn without looking.

Well, the dimwits were out in full force today.

The light switched and I started across, keeping an eye on the cars pulling up. I was just about in front of the turning lane when a police car pulled up and jerked to a stop. Stupidly, I assumed he saw me, and that's why it was so sudden.


After his car jerked to a stop, he gunned it, about to make the turn. Which was a bit of a problem because - A) his light was red and B) I was directly in front of him.

Being that I'm here writing this, it's safe to assume that not only did he stop and not run us over, but also that I am not in jail for assaulting a police officer for being an idiot. If he would have so much as touched E's stroller with the grill of his car . . .

Yeah, use your imagination. As it was, the evil eye was nowhere near enough. I seriously considered really letting know how I felt, but settled for a tamer hand gesture.

Eventually we made it to the store and did our shopping. Checked out and headed back home.

And then the rain started.

The kid was warm and dry.

The groceries were safe and dry.

I was sopping wet.

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

It always amazes me that police officers can be the most obnoxious drivers on the road.

"I have a badge, therefore I drive like an asshole!"