Friday, February 8, 2008

And Then the Doorbell Rang

Have I said before how awesome my husband is? Because, he is. Very awesome.

Smack dab in the middle of E's afternoon nap, my ridiculously loud buzzer went off from the lobby downstairs. Eff'ing this and eff'ing that, I buzzed the door open and went out into my hallway, ready to give whomever it was a giant piece of my mind.

**It's been a while, but any time someone needed to get into the building, they would randomly buzz someone's apartment, hoping they were home and would let them in. Since I wasn't expecting any packages, it was fairly safe to assume the hoodlums were at it again. And after the last couple times, I swore the next person was going to get handed a screaming baby and really experience the reason they shouldn't do that.**

However . . . up the stairs came the FTD delivery guy, carrying this awesome vase of flowers. And I melted. A little puddle of mushy, weepy me out in the hallway.

And then I heard someone crying. Loudly.

So much for naptime.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh. Wow.

Hubby, those are BEAUTIFUL! Good job! Good job!

PS Jayna, know what you mean about random door bells waking up kids. My wonderful, lovely, kiss-him-if-I-could UPS driver knocks because he remembers I have kids.

Kim said...

Those are beautiful flowers. I love the vase too.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

We NEVER have anyone knock on our door bc we have so few people who live in our complex. But the few times people come, they ring the bell. And they ring it two or three times in a row. Jerks, the lot of them.

I am glad you got flowers and it was not the hoodlums. They look like they were worth the shorter nap. :)

Keli said...

Aw those are so gorgeous!

I totally hear you about doorbells. My mail carrier knows I have a baby, so she'll just leave packages on the porch. But the UPS guy always rings the doorbell. However, he doesn't actually wait for me to come to the door. He just puts the packages on the porch, rings the doorbell, and runs back to his truck. I finally broke out that cute door hanger that says "baby sleeping" just for him.

Karen said...

How very sweet! Too bad you couldn't enjoy them AND a sleeping baby. What a great hubby. You're one of my heroes, glueing the family together while your loved one is at war for our safety.

geenalyn said...

those are absolutely beautiful...i think the last time dh sent me flowers were were dating lol