Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Past, Present and Future

Burgh Baby's Mom has requested my participation in her very own meme. Again, I'm honored that I'm that interesting. So, in accordance with rule number one, here is the list of my favorite childhood Christmas gift, my favorite gift that I received as an adult, and a gift that I would like to receive in the future. As for the rest of the rules, I'll only partly follow them. I hate tagging people, so I'll just do two, instead of the requested three. Colleen at A Madison Mom and Jenn at Life on the Roof.

Christmas Past:
I was (and admittedly still am) very spoiled. I got a pony for Christmas one year. Seriously. A pony. Kinda hard to top that, but something did. Long, long ago I used to dream that I would be a hockey player. I must have been 8 or 9, and couldn't skate to save my life. But, oh, I was going to learn. That year my parents surprised me with a set of hockey sticks and some pucks. As my mom and stick-in-the-mud sister stayed inside, my dad and I spent hours on the frozen driveway. We had a make-shift goal and everything. I still can't skate to save my life, but I cried a little inside when we sold those sticks at a garage sale recently.

Christmas Present:
I'd love to be sappy on this one and claim some heartfelt, romantic gift from my husband is my favorite, but I can't. I can't pull myself away (or my feet out of) my boots. Nothing romantic about boots. Practical. Yes, very, very practical. And they were all M's idea, so that makes them even better. He suggested, I said "sure honey" and they arrived at my doorstep. That's the kind of Christmas presents we do. Two months in advance and picked out together.

A good second runner up would be each of the ornaments my mother has given me. Each year we both try to find a few special and unique ornaments to give each other. Sure, she may have crazy taste, and may leave me wondering what she was thinking . . . but I can always get her back the next year.

Christmas Future:
This is the section I have reserved to be sappy. All I want for Christmas is my husband, my daughter and our home, wherever it may be. Waking up on Christmas morning and making waffles and watching the parade while E rips open presents. No staying at a relatives house, no planning three different locations in one day. Maybe some day . . .

However, a super awesome photo printer that would allow me to never have to rely on Target or Walmart for my prints would be just excellent. :-D


Colleen said...

I'll get to it as soon as I can come up with some answers. Hmmmm....

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Of course you got a pony as a child. of course. lol.

Have you ever played deck hockey? I was in a league during my KSU days and let me tell you, that is a good time right there.

I hope you get your Christmas future someday.

juls said...

I'm with you on your Christmas future wish. With a new little one at home I really want to be able to stay at home with hubby and start creating our own Christmas tradition. But instead we have to stuff dog, kid and a weeks worth of stuff into the car and head down the highway for a 5 hour drive. Ugh.