Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who used all the Kleenex?

I was told I'm neglecting my blog. Frankly, I doubt anyone else cares, except that person who has it set as their homepage (ahh, let me count the ways he loves me!)

Being that I'm sick, exhausted, nauseous, slightly delirious and am surrounded by an endless sea of tissues . . . I feel it best to leave any deep thoughts to a later time. I fear the excessive amounts of crankiness and depression that just might surface. (I said excessive. As in, above the average amounts that are here.)

I can't leave anyone hanging though. I give to you the child who clearly has so few teething toys that she needs to chew on the table.


Heather said...

Yeah, what they don't tell you in all those birthing/motherhood classes is that teething babies and puppies are in same genus classification, or something like that...

Cute pics!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I hereby give you permission to not be sick or injured again until at least next Spring. I mean, c'mon, enough is enough!

Rachel said...

That's so cute!! My son used/uses our fireplace hearth (brick) as a teething toy. Makes my skin crawl!!
What a doll you have there!!! Hope you feel better soon!