Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7 things about me meme . . . meme me me . . .

So many exciting things in one day! (yes, my life really is that dull that I do get excited about things like this). Burgh Baby's Mom tagged me for 7 random things about me. So, here we go.

1. I cannot go to bed at night without crossing the day off my calendar.

I will actually get up from my warm, cozy bed to go do that. Each day crossed off is another day closer to the end of this longest year.

2. This one time, at band camp . . .

I met a boy, but he was dating my best friend. Well, I married that boy, and that best friend is a wonderful lady that I still love to talk to.

3. I will eat that entire super-size box of cereal.

So rarely do I have milk in the fridge that isn't spoiled or iffy, that when I do get cereal and milk, I'll eat the whole box in just a few days (or less). That way I don't have to worry about the milk spoiling before I eat the cereal.

4. As a teenager, I spent my Friday nights in a marching band uniform and the rest of the weekend at horse shows.

I showed competitively in the American Quarter Horse Association shows in this state and the next one over. Some years I kicked ass, and some years I got my ass kicked. I'm glad I stopped showing and took time for myself once I graduated high school, but I always kind of miss that lifestyle.

5. I went clubbing in Russia when I was 16.

Bookworm, dorky, boring, never-do-wrong . . . and there I went. With my school's popular' girls and everything. Of course, they never talked to me again after that night (I think they asked me to go because I knew more of the language than all of them put together), but still. There I was, attempting to dance to funky techno in St. Peterburg's biggest nightclub. That is also the night we crammed 8 people into a Lada to get us back to our host families. Who had all encouraged us to go out. Ahh, Russia.

6. I got my first job when I was 13.

The family run, local ice cream and drive-in joint. Labor laws? Pshaw, who cares about those. That was one of the most fun jobs I've ever held (well, actually, I think all of my jobs have been fun - B&BW, hotels, nursery - they've all been fun in their own ways). Probably the fact that two of my best friends worked there as well boosted the fun-ness.

7. I am 7 pounds lighter than I was 10 years ago.

That's right. You can hate me. My driver's license has had the same weight on it since I got it, and here I am, wedding ring so loose I have to wear it on my middle finger and fitting into clothes I never thought I'd see again. All but one pair of my pants can be taken on and off without unbuttoning. I think I need to go shopping.

So. There's that. And now, I tag everyone who reads this :-) (Yes, I'm actually just that lazy that I don't want to have to single someone out - so tag! You're all it!)


Jenn said...

I am SO jealous that you weigh less than you did 10 years ago! I would left thigh for that...that might just about do it for me to get there too!

By the way, I wanted to say that I found your blog a month or so ago, and I think you're an incredibly brave woman. I just finished the longest year of my life, with a newborn babe, but my husband was HERE, and some of it was STILL endless!

All the best to you and that beautiful girl!

EE said...

I just love band camp stories;)

suchsimplepleasures said...

i found you on topmomma...and look at all i learned about you on my first visit!
i weigh less than i did 10 years ago, too. it's a great feeling, isn't it!
i'm glad i found your blog...i had a fun time reading it!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Band geeks unite!

BTW, I see nothing unusual about eating an entire box of cereal in just a few days. I would eat it for dinner every night if I could get away with it. Mmmm . . . Lucky Charms.

KIDZMAMA said...

When you find a good box of cereal you just have to eat the whole thing. As soon as possible!

I wasn't a band geek, but I sure hung out with them. I would have fit in better if I played an instrument. Hmmm...