Sunday, July 29, 2007

Easily distracted

E and I were on 'vacation' for the last few days. She just had her first sleepover at my mom's house. She likes her grandma :-)

We had our garage sale. Sold lots of things, made lots of money, and we'll do it all over again next weekend. It's amazing the kinds of people that turn out to these things.

As a celebration after Friday's sale, we went out to a new Mexican restaurant in B-Town. Their margaritas are absolutely awesome. I asked our server just how much alcohol they put into them and his heavily accented answer was "Like 5 bottles with a gallon and then we mix it all up". Yes. He said 5 bottles of tequila to a gallon of mix. My mother and I were giggling little fools after just one glass. We will be returning.

E rolls over with noooo problem now. I set her down on the floor this morning to grab something out of her room before I put her in her carseat and when I came back out two seconds later, there she was hanging out on her tummy, all happy and looking around. She also has started to be ticklish. We got her really going with the belly laughing the night we were being rather goofy ourselves.

Rascal got to go out on the balcony tonight. He's a good little kitty and stayed away from the edge after I scared him once while he was peeking down. I left the door open while I was out there and Kitty never even wanted to come out. He just sat in the opening and looked out. Totally content.

There's a Susan G. Kommen 5k run/walk in September that I think I am going to try and do. My mom is going to do the 1 mile walk with a big group of the bus drivers and asked me to come too, so maybe I will have her walk with the baby and I can do the run. I think it would be fun to actually have a goal on something to work to.

I think I may need to go to the eye doctor. Lately, when I'm looking at something, everything in the background will shift and spin a little. It's like a 2 second dizzy spell. It's weird and getting annoying.

It's incredibly hot in the apartment tonight, so I think I'm about to go sit in front of the door with the fan on. I can't stand how all the heat rises up here and makes it boiling after the sun goes down.

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