Thursday, June 7, 2007

Watermelon and chlorine

The two smells of the day.

I ate an entire chunk of watermelon today. Probably a good 1/4 of a whole one. And it was delicious. Sweet and juicy and now my kitchen smells like watermelon. Which makes me wish I had another big, old chunk. I foresee a walk to the store on the agenda for tomorrow.

This afternoon, after a glorious, long nap, I woke up to an incredibly toasty apartment. The thermometer on the balcony window said it was 95. That's hot for here, considering yesterday was in the 70s. So, I woke up E (someone did not want to get up, she would have slept the whole day away I think) and we went down to check out the pool for the first time. I found her an adorable swimsuit at Old Navy and she looked so darn cute. Stark contrast from me, though. Simply put, I desperately need to find myself some new bathing suits, now that certain assets have changed size. I did squeeze into one, just for today, and it was almost obscene. Thankfully there was only some strange, older woman down at the pool, and no young children to be scarred by the view. We stayed down there for only a little bit, cause I was worried the water might be too cold for E. But she seemed to enjoy herself, splashing her little legs around. I was pretty entertained by the realization that she floats. Holding her under her arms, her behind and legs will just float on up. So cute. It was just the right pick-me-up for this afternoon. I can't wait for someone to come hang out with me there so we can get her on tape.

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