Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cloth rocks!

I am officially addicted. Cloth diapers are the bomb. Turns out, they're no more disgusting than disposables, look absolutely adorable, and will end up costing a heck of a lot less - providing I squash this addiction and stick with just what we need. Heh, sure, that'll be an easy task.

Here, E is wearing the brightest lime green diaper I've ever seen, and a smile to match!

Yes, she's now smiling all the time. I had her sitting next to me and was reading aloud. I looked over, and there she was, grinning her giant, gummy smile. It's enough to make ya melt. And on the topic of reading material - she seems to prefer my Russian fairy tales to anything I've read in English. A girl after my own heart. However, the Russian folk songs I've been singing haven't had much effect. Maybe it's my singing though . . .

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