Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day :-)

Happy Father's Day to M, and my own dad, of course. The baby and I went to visit him, and we went out to a car show. It was unbelievably hot, but still pretty fun. Lots of old cars, not so much of the muscle cars. We gave the jogging stroller a workout, it does pretty good on grass and bumpy gravel.

Happy Two Months to E! She's gotten so big! *sniff* My little girl is growing up already.

This morning before heading out to church, we took a few minutes out on the balcony to smell the flowers and listen to the birds. I'm super excited that my Calamondin tree decided not to die and actually has a ton of flowers on it. Maybe it will even bear some fruit. Not that I'll be eating those atomically sour things, but hey, it would be cool to have a citrus bear fruit all the way up here.

E is getting the hang of sitting in her Bumbo seat, just not for too long, or her neck gets tired. (It must be rough having such a big, old head). She's just about grown out of my favorite favorite sleeper that I put her in. I call it her bunny suit. I've gotten real good at making up random names for things. But yeah, it's about time to retire the bright pink sleeper, before she busts holes in the feet.

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