Friday, March 14, 2008

This Is A New One

Four moves in three years, and I've learned a lot of valuable tidbits of information along the way. Such as:

~If something is painted blue, it will rub on your couch in the one spot that isn't covered.
~Fishtanks break. Especially when the elevator door closes on them.
~Nothing ever goes back together again the same way. That desk will always wobble and that chair will always creak.
~Sleeper sofas are a bitch to get up and down three flights of stairs.
~Never, ever throw away a box. Otherwise you'll be wishing you still had what that table/microwave/sewing machine came in.
~Flirt with the box boys at the grocery store and those egg boxes are all yours.
~Putting the screws to every unassembled piece of furniture in one bag is a really, really bad idea.
~Rubbermaid totes are not meant to be filled with textbooks. Nor are they meant to be so full even duct tape won't hold.
~Do not pack the toilet paper. Last thing in, first thing out.
~9 months pregnant really is a great time to move. Telling other people where to put those boxes is a lot more fun than carrying them.
~It's never to early to start packing. Heck, why unpack? Keep half your stuff in boxes, ready to go!

But, the most valuable thing I learned while packing today? Do not try to pack up an 11 month old's room while they are with you. Book in the box, book out of the box. Dress in the box, dress out of the box. Stuffies in the box, screaming tantrum from the child. More toys in the box, absolutely livid child. Child in the box, much more fun.

It doesn't help that she's still in the stage where gnawing off chunks of the cardboard is appealing. I got bit more times than I could count, while fishing out soggy bits and pieces.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I wish I had read your list -oh- about ten years ago. So do the fist that were in the fishtank.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

FISH darn it FISH that were in the fishtank. Grr! Must learn to proofread better!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, snap! Broken fish tank in the elevator. Bet that was an "Oh shit!" moment.

Yeah, that packing up a room with a kid? Learned that, just in a different way. Don't bother cleaning up a kids' toy room while they're in said room. Toy room will be messy again within five minutes.

Lori said...

I found your blog by reading Ask And Ye Shall Receive and I wholeheartedly agree with the rave review you got.
In fact, I spent my entire afternoon reading it - even the archives.
It's fantastic! Sweet, funny and tender. Your list of 100 made me tear up. I'm really impressed with all that you juggle and deal with while your hubby's gone.
Silently applauding you -

Kim said...

Oh boy, we start packing for move number 8 in 8 years next month. We still have plenty of things left in the boxes. Unfortunately, it makes things more difficult because we have half opened boxes with half the contents rummaged through and hanging out. It is not going to be a fun move. I haven't figured out how to move the fish tank, though. Thank god we don't have an elevator :)
Good luck with the move.