Thursday, March 27, 2008

And Here I Sit

A cat-hiding rule breaker in a completely dark and quiet room. The only light is from the computer, and the only sound is the snoring baby . . . and the keyboard . . . and the dumbass meowing cats . . . and the fucking crickets . . . and the trucks roaring by on the highway.

Here I sit, in a Holiday Inn. After two days of driving and wanting to throw my stepmother out the window. Two days of listening to endless nagging about just taking the kid out of her car seat to feed her, and about just turning her car seat around because her feet touch the seat back (if I have to explain about internal decapitation one more time . . .).

In the past two days I have dealt with:
~Being expected to drive all night with the kid and then be coherant enough to take care of her the next day.
~Truckers. Obnoxious truckers driving side-by-side at 50 miles an hour for 40 miles.
~Parental units. You want mine? Take them. They're all yours. I'll throw in the father-in-law as a freebie.
~Extracting three cats from their hiding spots under the hotel bed you thought they couldn't get under. Only accomplished by literally removing the mattress and bedsprings.
~A nursing strike. You want pain? Try having your kid go from nursing 7 times a day to 2.
~Milk. Exploding. Everywhere. (Since the child wouldn't nurse, we had to do the sippy. After setting a container of the frozen stuff on the dash to thaw during lunch, we came back to find puddles of milk everywhere. Thank God I had it far enough away from the vents.)
~General loosing of my mind. I'll thank all involved parties for this one.
~The House. This one gets a post of it's own, preferably accompanied by pictures. I'll give you a teaser though . . . hundreds of dead spiders, live roaches, 20+ year old appliances, ceiling so dirty you could write your name on it (if you could reach it), and a surprise diagnosis of having gas heat instead of electric. Which, of course, needs to be serviced and hooked up properly. And, of course, isn't going to happen in any timely matter.

Hence, the hotel.

I'll be back after some harsh words with the rental company, an appointment with a steam cleaner, and a few hard drinks.


Jenn said...

Oh least you're there, and there's no more driving with the stepmonster, that's one good thing!

If I was close by, I'd come buy you a drink...or just deliver a bottle to the hotel!

Hope things improve.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

If I had your address, I would overnight you a whole case of my buddies Captain Morgan and Mr. Beam. You deserve it after all that drama.

I hope things get better, and quick.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, sweetie, sweetie, sweetie! I wish your new place was closer to mine (and not 4-5 hours away!). You would be staying here!

I'm sorry you had a hard trip and that your place is a wreck.

Keep us posted!

Kim said...

I'm glad to hear you made it there safely. It sounds like you had a blast :)

We have hidden Midnight in so many hotels. She managed to get herself stuck inside a hotel mattress once. Of course she would find the only tiny hole in the bottom.

I hope you get everything figured out, and you can move in soon.