Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Free to a good home

Free to a good home:
Three cats
Included - (1) child sized squeeze toy, (1) phantom mouse watcher, (1) midnight hallway roadblocker, (11) couch shredding clawed paws, (3) twitching tails.
Not included - Brains.

I swear. After a few incidents of cat food spilled all over the kitchen floor from one of the genius felines (trying to get it on the counter when I put it up so E wouldn't get it), I broke down and got a baby gate for the kitchen. I cut a nifty little hole in it, so the three-legged one could get through and everything. I had it at the entrance to the kitchen and all was hunky-dory.

And then. Then, I moved it approximately 4 feet closer to the food bowl and completely disrupted their lives. The two couldn't figure out how to go through the hole, and wouldn't jump over it, and it was too close to the scary stove for the other one. I had at least one sitting in the kitchen and one under my feet all night, meowing. Even after I shoved them one by one through the hole, they turned around and came right back out. Then sat there on the wrong side, staring at the elusive food bowl. Meowing.

It takes a lot of meowing to get on my nerves. Really, it does. But see, here's the kicker. They woke the baby. Seriously. They meowed so freaking loud they woke the kid.

Dumb cats.

(no, they really aren't going to new homes, and yes, I did put the gate back and allow the starving creatures to get their food.)


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

How could they not recognize the genius that was the hole? We made our cats jump over the gate. If they didn't want to then they would have to starve. Too bad, so sad, you shouldn't be so lazy.

They are pretty, even if they aren't all that bright.

Jenn said...

Your cats WOKE THE BABY?? That has to be some serious meowing, and totally grounds for a "Free to a good home" ad!

I used to love cats...but I traded mine for a husband. He's highly allergic. My mom has my cat now, I told her if she took the cat she'd have guarenteed grandchildren, and she jumped at the chance!