Sunday, December 16, 2007

True love, it's what I'm dreamin' of . . .

Meet Kitty, the meanest, nastiest, most terrifying three-legged feline around. This is the cat that would bring squirrels, rabbits and birds to my grandfather daily. This is the cat that I inherited because I am the only person he doesn't maul. This is the cat that will shred your forearm just because it came within striking distance.

And now?

This is the cat that purrs and cuddles and licks the little girlie's head. This is the cat that lets her climb on him, pull his tail and grab his ears.

This is the mellowest, softest, cushiest pillow around.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Our cats are totally missing out. They could be getting love like that but instead run for dear life when the Toddler enters the room. You're kitty kitty is much smarter than my kitties kitties.

Jenn said...

Our dog too has totally transformed since he got himself a'a amazing!