Sunday, December 2, 2007

100 Things for a 100th Post

In honor of my 100th post on this thing, I figured I would do a 100 things kind of post. I thought about 100 things I've learned about being a mom, or 100 reasons why the Army sucks, or 100 reasons my family is insane. Instead, I chose to stick to the roots of this blog, and my longest year. So . . . 100 things I miss about my husband.

I miss . . .

1. The sound of ramen noodles being pounded on the countertop.

2. Leftover crunchies all over the floor from those noodles.

3. 35 drinking glasses, most half full of water, scattered throughout the house.

4. 65 folded-up, un-used paper towels also scattered throughout the house.

5. CNN always being the homepage.

6. Someone to share the bottle of wine with.

7. Toothpaste chunks in the sink.

8. My bed-warmer.

9. Random geography lessons.

10. The trash getting taken out by someone other than me.

11. Socks. Everywhere.

12. Fishing soggy candy bar wrappers out of the washing machine.

13. Muddy boots.

14. Wet towels left on the bed all day.

15. Someone to pump my gas.

16. Elbows to the head in the middle of the night.

17. The alarm clock going off at 4:50am. And 5:05am. And 5:20am. And 5:25am.

18. Mock combatives.

19. Gossip.

20. Someone to watch South Park, SVU and the Daily Show with.

21. My ice cream enabler.

22. Giving haircuts.

23. Hand holding.

24. Being nagged to fold my clothes.

25. Pillow snatching.

26. Midnight walks in the snow.

27. Someone to open the salsa jar.

28. Wearing sexy underwear for a reason.

29. Deep conversations that come out of nowhere.

30. Flowers for no reason.

31. Someone to warm up the car.

32. Grocery shopping.

33. Motorcycle rides.

34. Being dragged to the movies.

35. Having a spider killer.

36. And a middle of the night noise investigator.

37. Sharing a shower.

38. Fighting over how hot the water should be.

39. A cozy shoulder to snuggle on.

40. Someone to wash the car.

41. Lunch breaks.

42. Weekend get-aways.

43. Trying new restaurants.

44. Stealing the last few bites of a snack.

45. Back rubs.

46.Someone to fix all technological problems by simply looking at the offending electronic item.

47. Fighting over the remote.

48. Bargaining for yard work time.

49. Hearing grumbles over hanging Christmas lights.

50. Being lied to about what time we're really supposed to leave - so that I'm on time.

51. Getting the giggles in church.

52. Hearing someone sing, causing the giggles in church.

53. Fighting over the thermostat.

54. Snoring.

55. Sharing the computer chair to look up something fun together.

56. Going to bed at a normal hour.

57. The anticipation of him walking in the door after work.

58. Stinky uniforms.

59. Good morning kisses.

60. Having someone to cook for.

61. Brushing my teeth with an audience.

62. Locking the bathroom door so there won't be any practical jokes.

63. Having to stay on one side of the bed.

64. Chess.

65. Staying up all night talking.

66. Having a running partner.

67. Hearing baby laughter that only a Daddy can cause.

68. Sharing a blanket on the couch.

69. Being made hot tea, just cause it's cold out.

70. Catching him watching me.

71. Exploring new places.

72. Pretending to listen about cars.

73. Arguing about driving.

74. The smell of his deodorant.

75. The toilet paper roll being put on backwards.

76. Having a reason to get off the computer at night.

77. Not worrying about running out of cell minutes.

78. Friendly competition.

79. Someone to lean on in church.

80. Foot rubs.

81. Piles of magazines in the bathroom.

82. Dressing up.

83. Inside jokes.

84. Wondering around Lowe's, dreaming of future houses.

85. Telling someone to stop breathing so darn loud.

86. Being tickled.

87. Having the covers thrown off on a cold morning to get me moving.

88. Wet hugs.

89. Dishes in the sink.

90. Seeing who can build a better fire.

91. Swinging in the hammock.

92. The farmer's tan.

93. Being held while I cry.

94. Not making every decision, every day

95. Sharing.

96. Icy hands or toes on a warm body.

97. Long hugs in the kitchen.

98. Day old stubble, scratchy kisses.

99. Sex. Lots of sex. (Really now, did you think I was going to leave this one out?)

100. Him. My husband. My best friend.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Aaaaahhhh . . . that's so sweet! Kind of makes me miss your husband, too.

(Although, breathing too loud is a capital crime in my house punishable by hours of nagging. Can't. Handle. It.)

Anonymous said...

Ohh this was a great post. I too am going through aq deployment so I feel your pain.Very well written...