Saturday, November 17, 2007

7 Months

The girly is 7 months old. Time is flying by.

We had lots of firsts today. Nothing like packing it all in at once.
~ First sign of teeth. They're through the gums. Not enough to write home about, but plenty to blog about.
~ First bad reaction to a food. Pluots (plum apricot cross). Not so great. I was actually saving them for later down the road, but grabbed a cube this morning thinking I had the bag of plum cubes. Apparently permanent marker is not permanent on freezer baggies. And apparently, E will not be getting these again, as she puked all over me, herself and the cat. (Yes, the cat - he smells pretty now.)
~First major bump on the head. A giant goose-egg, courtesy of the wall. Who knew those things were stationary.
~ First clapping. Or perhaps she was mocking her mother as she made a fool out of herself.
~ First pull-up to standing. Lord help us. Nothing is safe now.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I beg to differ regarding the wall thing. They most certainly do move from time to time. There is no other explanation for why I sometimes run into one myself.

That's a whole lot of firsts for one day!

Colleen said...

That was a busy busy day!!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Please don't hurt me, but I tagged you for a meme. :-)

Stacy said...

wow, what a busy girl! She is quite the cutie! You might be able to give her the pluots down the line. Our little guy had a reaction to chicken the first time he tried it but now he can eat it. We just waited until it was closer to a year.