Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jingle jangle

There are certain toys of E's that I have a deep disdain for. The Learning Puppy is pretty high on that list. Nothing says freaky like hearing "Hug me!" or "That tickles!" coming from a box in your packed up house in the middle of the night.

However, one other particular toy ranks just a little higher on the annoyance scale than that song filled pup. The Clink 'N Chew Keys are the most annoying things in my house right now. If you so much as breathe in their direction, this fake jingling sound keeps playing. Over and over and over. And there is no off button. Heaven help us if E is almost asleep and I don't notice them on my way to put her down. That is one of her favorite noises. "Jingle jingle jingle" go the keys. "Play!" goes E, eyes wide open, ready for action.

Even worse though, is when those stupid keys become a new play toy for the cats. Sitting alone, in the faint glow of just the computer screen, and hearing "jingle jingle jingle" coming from under the dining table is enough to make me just about jump out of my skin. Clearly their basket full of feline appropriate toys is no longer appealing.

When they start playing with the toy piano and stacking rings, we may have to have an intervention.


Heather said...

My twins have that psychotic puppy, too! Oh, I hate that thing, with a special sort of disdain. That along with a possessed car (one of those push it or ride it toys) that just plays "Wheels on the Car" at all hours of the day or night, regardless if a child is playing with it or not. Yes, I think when the kids have outgrown these toys, they won't go in the yard sale bin, but straight into the fire! Sweet revenge!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Dude, the puppy totally sucks. I ripped its batteries out and buried it at the bottom of a toy box with the hope that I will never see it again. Fingers crossed . . .

The absolute worst, right now, is this freakin' bear that says "I'm your special friend" when you squeeze it. No batteries power the special bear, it runs on invisible creepy energy. The dumb dog likes to poke it on occassion just to see if my head will explode.