Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The months just keep rolling by . . .

She's 5 months already. Time just keeps slipping away. Of course, the older she gets, the closer we are to M coming home. But, she's still growing up too fast already. Recently she learned to scoot. Backwards. And it's hilarious, cause she gets so pissed off when she can't figure out why her toys are now out of reach all of a sudden. Today she scooted backwards into the cat though, so she may figure out a way to use this to her advantage pretty soon. He was just minding his own business, staring at the birds on the balcony, when out of nowhere he got booted in the rear end. He jumped, she laughed, and then he hid. It's the start of a vicious cycle.

I finally got the memory card to my new camera the other day and have been slowly learning the ins and outs. I am way too impatient, and spent way too little time reading the instruction manual before expecting to be off and shooting. This morning was full of frustration, trying to figure out how to work the remote for the shutter. Turns out there's a one-touch button to turn the sensor on. Imagine that. Only took me an hour to find it. Once I got the hang of and a few other fun selections, it was non-stop photography. I got this keeper just playing around with the focus points. It's amazing the clarity that this camera has over our old one. I've just been sitting here staring, marveling at the sharpness. I'm in love :-)


Sarah said...

Great close-up pic!
Jealous of your new camera and photography skillz!

JaymeQ said...

Wow! What a beautiful picture! :)