Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I thought I changed my name

Despite the extreme spelling difficulties with my 'new' name, I thought I had made it perfectly clear that I was done with my old one when I signed the dotted line and went through that painful process of switching driver's licenses, social security cards, credit cards, everything.

So, why will this whole Murphy thing not go away? Must I be stuck with this my whole life?

Yes, folks, I'm talking about Murphy's Law. In case you needed it spelled out for you.

How about a run down of my day? That should sum it all up.

~Early early AM: Awake to the sound of cat yacking. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like his normal I'm-an-old-cat-and-hack-all-the-time stuff. It's a put-yer-slippers-on-in-the-morning kind of sound. Fabulous.

~Still early AM: Baby wakes up. Get up with her and go to her room to change her. Realize that every single clean diaper is in the dryer. Still wet because someone forgot to turn it on last night.

~Mid-morning: Find that a major infestation of aphids has plagued the prized mandevilla plant overnight. Have to toss it and pray that nothing found it's way to any other plants.

~Early afternoon: Check mailbox to find that car registration info that had been mailed at the beginning of the month has been returned to sender. Sender = me. Registration expires the 29th. Clearly, I am SOL after Saturday. Especially since it's going to be in the hands of Liberty County and the geniuses that work there. Considering the address was actually correct, all faith in the postal system is lost, and there is much consideration for just driving the 800 miles on an impromptu vacay to just take care of it in person.

~Mid-afternoon: Run in with oblivious and rude entitlement queen at children's second hand shop in B-town. Narrowly avoid beat-down scenario after being 'bumped' into twice and cut in front of twice. Escape the store with a snarky remark and bewildered saleslady.

~ Mid-afternoon again: Find that the bead store that was the objective of the whole trip to B-town is actually closed on Tuesdays. End up paying nearly three times as much for one item at Michael's. Can we say rip off?

~ Early evening: Outsmarted by the TV, DVD player and satellite receiver. Many, many times.

~Late evening: Discover that the recordable DVDs purchased this afternoon were actually NON-recordable. Only make this discovery after the package is opened and disc inserted and program is starting. Vow revenge on the salesboy that literally handed them over and said "This is what you need."

~Late late evening: Spill ramen noodles ALL over the kitchen floor. And, burn foot, of course.

~Late late late evening: Give up and rant on computer.

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Those kinds of days just suck.

Do you really use cloth diapers?!