Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Greeaaat Geauga County Fair

On Sunday and Monday, my mom and I took E to the fair. Long story short, it was hot, it was fun and I can't wait till next year. I'm sure we can time a visit back up here around then.

A few highlights to supplement that long-short story:
~E loves watching the horses and was enthralled during the Draft and Pony Show. I think she liked the jingling from the harnesses.
~The KHS Marching Band sounds horrible and is sooo tiny now compared to when we were in it.
~I only saw one person I knew. I think that's a new record.
~I drank at least 300 oz of birch beer. Refills were just 2$, and I wasn't letting that deal get away!
~I successfully nursed in public (really public public) 5 times. I consider myself a pro now. It was an excellent crash course.
~E was in the Mei Tai almost all day both days and was happy as a clam. Until bedtime. Then she realized she wasn't in her bed and took unhappy to a whole new level.

Loving the horses!

Eying grandma's onion rings.

And here I thought I had escaped having my picture taken today.
And yet again, grandma loves the camera. E loves her Mei Tai.
And that was the fair!

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