Monday, August 13, 2007

There goes the bride . . .

Off into the sunset with her new husband.


A few thoughts from the evening:
~While M was sitting in Kuwait, lounging about, he could have easily been put on a plane, come to the wedding, and hoping on another plane in plenty of time to get back for his trip back to base. Why can't I be in charge of leave? Soldiers would love me. You want to go home for a bit? Sure, here's your flight number, have a wonderful time. :-P

~Family sucks. You're stuck with them. Creepy and weird as they are, you can never get away. A certain someone will never, ever be coming to live with us. Even if we do have a garage apartment. Too close for comfort. Friendly is one thing. Creepy is a whole 'nother ballgame.

~Other family rocks. E was an angel for my mom. It sounded like she was even better than she usually is for me. No crying, drank her bottle right up and promptly went to sleep. I couldn't ask for a better baby. Or mom - she had a big "let's eat away our misery" dessert for me when I got home. And a margarita. We love our margaritas.

~I'm glad we didn't have the big wedding. Sure, the greedy and selfish side of me thinks the gifts would have been quite beneficial (how else does one become the owner of things like carving sets and complete sets of red and white wine glasses and champagne flutes), but the practical side of me knows I would have never wanted to stand up in front of that many people and that our dinner was far more delicious than any catered event.

Okay, now some pictures.

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