Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hello August!

I like this month. In August we will . . .

~Hit the halfway mark. Granted, it will be at the very end of the month, but still. 7 1/2 months down. Pretty impressive.

~Watch two wonderful people get married. I'll watch in person, and M will get to watch the video I'll probably send him. Too bad I can't send any cake . . .

~Hopefully take a vacation. Take my mother away from everything that stresses her out, stick her in a beach chair with the waves lapping at her feet and a cold margarita in her hand.

~Witness the most impressive display of craziness yet as M's family moves three generations, 6 people, into one house. I'm ready to be entertained.

~Get a new camera and quickly become an expert at photography again. Close-ups are the first thing on the learning agenda.

~Take the Corvette out for a drive finally. Maybe, just maybe, I can take a spin while it's running right. And after that I can take the truck for a spin too.

~Run at least 2 miles straight. I can do 1, and it almost kills me, but I know I can do more. I still haven't signed up for the 5k, but I will. I can do it!

There's quite a few more events that I'm sure will pop up over time. The summer is flying by, and although I love how the sands of time are swirling out of control, I know the winter is going to drag. I have to get in all of my outside time now.

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