Monday, August 6, 2007

Dishwashing the diapers

Seriously. The baby's diapers are currently running through their third rinse cycle in the dishwasher. If M was here, I don't doubt he'd be having a fit about it being disgusting. I'm still on the fence as to how disgusting it really is.

The whole purpose of this odd experiment is to "strip" the diapers. When washing in the washing machine, soap sometimes builds up on them and causes this horrible, knock you over, hold your breath smell. I experienced this smell last night when I walked into the bedroom and could smell E's diaper immediately. Another reason to "strip" diapers is to combat repelling, where the soap build up causes liquid to just roll of the fleece, rather than be absorbed.

Just so you know, I washed them all first in the washing machine. :-)

So, hopefully this strange effort will end all stinkies and leaks. And I'll be a happy mama.

In other day to day, boring issues . . . I picked up our old hitch hauler box thingie from the in-laws house today. They've had it since I moved to Texas two years ago and here I though they had used it once and then it was stored in their attic space since then. I'm thinking that's clearly not the case though. Not only was it completely covered in mud (caked on mud, off-roading type of mud), but two of the tail-lights are cracked and one has all of the plastic missing, the entire lock is gone and is just a gaping hole now, the pin for the hitch part is long gone, and the connector for the tail-lights is nowhere to be found. Oh, and all of the metal is completely rusted and crumbly.

This is why you don't let other people have your things. Even if they are relatives. Yes, I'm selfish, but being selfish keeps me from having all of my stuff ruined. I knew it might have a few scratches and dents and be pretty dirty, but no way was I expecting this hunk of junk I was left with.

Pissed. Slightly.

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