Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Ton of Pictures

Since someone has told me I'm slacking on this thing, I will do my best at overloading the page with pictures. I could be sleeping, but I'm being the loving wife and sacrificing my rest so someone can have pictures to look at :-P

I got a hold of the in-law's camera and loaded all of their pictures to my computer. I found a bunch of cute ones, and ones that are worthy of sharing. So, here goes . . .

Random stuff from when M was home:

She was a squirmy little thing :-)

The pretty princess in her pink dress :-) That guy holding her doesn't look too bad himself ;-)

Gotta learn how to hold a baby in a dress!

Other random stuff:

Memorial Day - proof that he really has held the baby at least once.

She's in love with the fan. She's going to miss that fan.

July 14th - 90th Birthday Party for a P-family aunt:

Here we go!

Everyone loves a baby.
Right before she latched on to a fist full of her hair.

It was a long, hot day.

"Thank God we're home, Mommy!"

"Now tell these people to go home so I can eat and pass out!"

In the cry room at church, after being consoled out of a tantrum with a yummy bottle.

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