Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We have a thumb sucker!

She finally found it. And it must have been really tasty, cause she sure was happy about it. At least now I know we have a back up if I misplace the pacifier.

Today, we went downtown to pick up a birth certificate. Found the court house, waited in line, paid the ridiculous fee, and got a nice and new copy. It was a beautiful day, so we wandered around outside for a while. It was basketball fever all around, with a big old festival looking thing set up, music blaring and a certain famous player's namesake stuff everywhere. We sat and people watched for a while by the fountains.

A few minutes after sitting down, the sprinklers came on and the wind picked up every drop of water and misted it all in our direction. So, we moved on and headed back towards the car, stopping at the park overlooking the stadium and lake. M called and E patiently studied the tree nearby while we chatted. I completely forgot to mention to him the giant windmill (wind harnessing machine or whatever its called) that had been put up on the lake. I found it amusing that the city would invest in one, but only one. All that wind and they would only put in one. Makes no sense.

On a completely unrelated note, I want my hair back! It's still too short to put up in a ponytail and is constantly in my face. Really really annoying.

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